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KU employees fall victim to phishing scam, lose paychecks

Three employees of the University of Kansas did not receive their most recent paychecks after they were targeted by fraudsters recently.

The employees were victims of an e-mail phishing scheme, which asked them to update their payroll information, allowing scammers to change the account numbers for their direct deposits in the university’s payroll system, according to state and university officials.

Five employees responded to the phishing e-mail, and three saw their pay affected, according to Erinn Barcomb-Peterson, a spokeswoman for the university.

John Milburn, spokesman for the Kansas Department of Administration, which handles the state’s human resources, said KU informed the agency about the lost pay last week.

Because each university runs its own payroll system, the question of whether to compensate the employees for the lost wages is up to the university, Milburn said. He said the state’s larger payroll system was not affected by the phishing scheme.

Barcomb-Peterson said in an e-mail that the university’s human resources and IT departments would be updating the payroll system “for enhanced security.”

“In the meantime, employees must take a request form and photo ID and make changes to their direct deposit information in person,” she added.

She did not immediately answer whether the three employees affected by the scam would be compensated for the lost pay.



K-Staters fall hook, line, and sinker for phishing scam

MANHATTAN (KSNT) – Some Kansas State University students and faculty fell hook, line, and sinker for a phishing scam over spring break.

The university reports there was an increase in the number of phishing scams sent to K-Staters. The week of March 16th through the 22nd, more than 60 people shared their private information, including their electronic ID and passwords via one scam. Two of the compromised eID’s were then used to create surveys with the K-State brand that sought additional information. More than 100 K-Staters provided the requested information.

Another survey scam purporting to be from Wells Fargo Bank was shut down before it could be sent out. Nearly 5,500 names were set to receive the phishing scam before it was stopped.

Kansas State University Information Technology Services warns students and faculty that they will never ask for information such as id’s and passwords by email or in a survey.