Warning issued over sophisticated banking scam

With so many phishing attacks and scams out there, you can never be too careful and that’s what some customers at one of Australia’s biggest banks have learned the hard way.

NAB has issued a warning to customers saying those who use online banking are being targeted with a sophisticated new phishing scam.

The email appears in customers’ inboxes and looks like it comes from ‘NAB internet banking’.

It then asks you to log into your account to verify your details.

Once you log in you are then directed to a new page where you are prompted to fill in personal details including contact details, account information and credit card details.

The email scam pretending to be from NAB. The email scam pretending to be from NAB.

Once you have completed the page, you are then redirected to the real NAB banking website and left none the wiser.

The whole thing looks very legitimate, but once you’re through with it the scammer has all your details including the bank login information, personal and contact details and credit card and account details — enough information to financially cripple some targets.

NAB told News Corp it was aware of the latest phishing scam and warned customers it would never ask for personal details via an email link.

The fake website that takes your details.The fake website that takes your details.

“NAB is aware of a current phishing email targeting customers requesting further information from customers to verify their account,” a spokesman said.

“NAB reminds customers that we will never ask them to verify your account details via a link in an email. We encourage our customers to be aware of suspicious emails and not to click links to suspicious websites.”

The scam email is apparently coming out of Spain, but until they manage to take it down customers are still at risk.

Cybersecurity firm Proofpoint is urging people to spread the message to warn anyone who could be at risk.

Remember, your bank will never ask you to verify your personal details via email.

Have you ever been targeted a scam? Do you bank with NAB?



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