Top 3 tips to improve online security

Install anti-phishing software

“Phishing is the most common means or pathway for cyber thieves to get into your computer and potentially make your life miserable. They can get into your online bank accounts; sell your personal credentials to other thieves; even lock your system and refuse to turn it back on until you pay a ransom,” said Darren Guccione, CEO, Keeper Security. “While you probably have an anti-spam filter, consider also installing anti-phishing software too. Then elevate your ‘common sense IQ’, meaning don’t open any attachment in any email that you aren’t 100% certain is legitimate. Security cameras, digital thermostats and thermometers, fitness trackers, garage door openers – they are all connected to the Internet in what we call the very fast growing Internet of Things (IoT). Many of these devices are highly insecure and can be quite easily hacked from afar.”

Never use factory default passwords for IoT devices

“Be absolutely certain you don’t use the factory-default password on these devices,” said Guccione. “The Ponemon Institute found that 60% of employees in small and mid-sized businesses use the same password for all devices and systems access. It is widely believed that the figure is even higher for consumers.”

Give all passwords an upgrade

“First download and install one of the leading, secure password management solutions, many of which are free. Year after year, the most commonly used passwords consist of easy-to-guess strings and phrases such as password1, 123456789 and 123456. Get the picture? Resolve to use unique, non-repeating and highly randomized passwords,” said Guccione.

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