Seventeen year old inter dropout caught for phishing and blackmail third time in six months

HYDERABAD: A seventeen year old who logged in to facebook, gmail and icloud accounts of a 23-year-old  aspiring model in the city and demanded rupees five lakh to prevent him from making her private photographs and video viral on social networking sites was arrested from Surajpur district of Chhatisgarh by the cyber crime sleuths of Cyberabad on Tuesday.

Surprisingly, in the last six months, the intermediate drop-out accused has been tried by the juvenile justice board (JJB) twice earlier for similar crimes of hacking into online accounts of young models.

The complainant had informed police that she received alerts on May 5 and 6, to her secondary email ID notifying that there was a login to her primary gmail account first and then to her Facebook and icloud accounts within minutes. The offender changed her recovery email Id and linked mobile number.

Though she could regain access to her accounts later, she was shocked to find her private photographs and a video clip sent from an unknown number through Whatsapp after two weeks. She realized then that, they were sent to her from the same person who hacked into her account.

The investigation revealed that the hacker had obtained the user ID and password of the woman’s Facebook account sending her a phishing message from a free domain created for this purpose.

The message, he sent, asked for a re-login prompting her to re-enter her user ID and password, for uploading her portfolio. Unsuspecting phishing attack to steal her details, she did so and the hacker obtained them as he had access to the control panel of the fake Facebook site. As she used the same set of user ID and password also for gmail and icloud accounts where she had back-up of her private data.

Finding her personal pictures and videos in her icloud account, he tried to threaten her by making them go viral on social networking sites and demanded Rs 5 lakh.

Police tracked the hacker to Surajpur district in Chhatisgarh and later found out that the offender has been sent to Juvenile Home earlier two times on similar cases registered in Maharashtra state basing on complainants from two models.

A case was registered under sections of Indian Penal Code and Information Technology Act against the accused.

Inspector Mohammad Riyazuddin said the accused was released on a personal bond when he was caught first in a similar crime and served

three days in a juvenile home on his second offence, both in the last six months. “He blackmails the victim for Rs 5 lakh and on one occasion he managed to get Rs 50,000. But, on all three occasions he was traced and tracked. Lack of parental control has led to his offences,” said Riyazuddin.


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