How to save yourself from a phishing attack [Infographic]

Do you know how to prevent yourself from a phishing attack? This neat little infographic should help recognize and prevent one.

Phishing attacks are growing more sophisticated and more serious by the day, but they aren’t always easy to recognize. To make matters worse, hackers are getting better at targeting high-level people in an organization, knowing full well the CEO probably doesn’t have a lot of experience in infosec. This is called spear-phishing, and sometimes whaling if the target is big enough. Humans are the weakest link in info security and targeting the right person can bring down an organization.

Thankfully the vast majority of phishing operations are still low level and easy to recognize. Look for things like misspelled words and domains that aren’t quite what they should be. Those are the obvious things.

Vishing and Smishing are also growing trends- hackers use the phone or text messages to try to gain access to your personal data. If it sounds urgent and your bank account is in peril, it’s probably a scam. It will sound convincing- they can glean personal information from your social media accounts very easily, making it sound like they have all the information they should have to be legitimate.

Learn more about protecting yourself from phishing attacks from this infographic! You might be surprised how common phishing has become and how easy it is to protect yourself- you just need to know the warning signs.


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