Real or not real: Is this answer machine message a genuine one from HSBC bank or a phishing …

Stories about bank customers being duped out of thousands by pounds by scammers who con their victims by phone have become a regular feature in the consumer pages.

The rise of telephone banking scams was laid bare in the autumn with figures showing a 95 per cent surge in losses to criminals. Telephone fraud losses hit £14.4million in the first six months of 2015, almost double the sum last year as more customers are tricked by conmen.

This is Money has documented various cases of readers who have been duped by criminals pretending to telephone from their bank and using an array of tactics to make the call seem genuine. 

This includes telling them to hang up and call their bank back only to stay on the other end and convince panicked customers into moving cash into a ‘safe holding’ account, before then swiping the money.

A while ago, I arrived home to this garbled message on my answer machine (click above to listen). 

It took me about 11 listens before I could write down the telephone number. I’ve since had two more of these messages, equally impenetrable. 

I post the recording here without further comment – other than to ask whether anyone dares to guess whether this is a genuine message from HSBC or an attempt by one of the bank scammers we hear so much about to get my bank details. 

The message we ram home to readers is be on your guard all the time against potential audio-based financial terrorists. 

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Banker or scammer – could this message really from HSBC bank or it is just another phishing scammer after my login details?

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  • Scammer 48 votes

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