Millions of Gmail Users Are Under Phishing Attack

Not too long ago, we were praising Gmail for its excellent security features. In fact, until recently, Gmail was the safest email service we knew of. However, as it always happens on the Internet, this did not deter the attempt of hackers to break Gmail. If anything, it actually motivated them to try harder. And it seems like they’ve finally succeeded, because a very elaborate and dangerous phishing scam is currently making rounds on millions of user accounts throughout the emailing platform.

What makes this scam so dangerous is how incredibly clever it is. It functions in the following way: first, you get an email containing a Google Docs link from a trusted contact. If you click on (which you’d be naturally inclined to do, seeing as it’s from someone you know you can trust), you will be taken to a page that looks spot on like the Google Docs one, and that page will ask you for some sort of permission. If you grant the page that permission, hackers get access into your email account and all the data on it. Pretty spooky, isn’t it?

The most dangerous thing about this scam is how legit it looks, and this is why many people fall prey to it. So, if you happen to receive an email that sounds a lot like what we describe, don’t click on the link. In fact, delete the email and let your trusted contact know immediately that something suspicious might have happened to their account. Google are trying their best to keep the scam under control and disable all the servers that host it, but new ones keep popping up all the time. Thus, until Google manages to fix the problem once and for all, it’s best you stay safe out there and never click on suspicious links.

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