Latest scam on Twitter with fake customer support accounts


Computer security experts have warned of a new social media phishing scam which involves hackers posing as customer support accounts on Twitter.

According to Malwarebytes, hackers insert themselves into a Twitter conversation between a user and customer support account with the intention of stealing their login and account details.

The scammers replicate key identifiers such as avatars and Twitter handles and then redirect users to a phishing site which asks for login information.

‘This was a particularly clever scamming technique back in 2014, and it remains as slick as ever in 2016,’ said Christopher Boyd, malware intelligence analyst at Malwarebytes.

(Picture: Getty Images)

Mr Boyd recommends checking customer support accounts for the blue tick and a strong following (Picture: Getty Images)

In one example, scammers posed as the official Natwest customer support account and prompted users to click on a site with a legitimate-sounding name, where they were asked for their details.

Mr Boyd recommends looking for the blue ‘verified’ tick that official accounts usually have. He also suggests users look at how many followers the account have.

Scam accounts tend to have very few.

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