HRH warns of phone phishing scam

Hendricks Regional Health officials have become aware of a phone scam currently circulating in Hendricks County. This particular phishing scam is aimed at attempting to solicit personal financial information over the phone from residents in the community. The scammers are representing themselves as HRH and are asking callers to provide their credit card information. In some cases, the perpetrators are offering new credit card terms to individuals.

Hospital officials want area residents to know:

• These calls are not legitimate and HRH will never call to ask a patient for their credit card information over the phone.

• Residents that receive a phishing call are encouraged to report it to local law enforcement. Authorities will want to know the phone number called, date and time the call was received, as well as the information the caller requested.

• The Federal Trade Commission offers tips for consumers on how to handle these types of fraudulent calls. For example, if someone gets a call from someone they don’t know who is trying to get personal information, say, ‘no thanks’ and hang up. Do not attempt to argue with the caller.

Anyone who receives one of these calls should report it to local law enforcement authorities immediately. HRH is actively monitoring the situation and will provide further updates to the community as needed.


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