Department of Motor Vehicles warns customers of past due ticket phishing scam in DC

Phishing Scam Related to DC Photo Enforcement Tickets

(WASHINGTON, DC) – The District of Columbia Department of Motor Vehicles is warning customers about a phishing scam to collect money from past due tickets. In an email from, customers are being told that they have a Notice of Unsatisfied Photo Enforcement Ticket. The notice also directs customs to click the link to “Lost Traffic Tickets.”  Anyone receiving this email should not click the link or reply with personal information.

Photo Enforcement tickets are mailed through the United States Postal Service to the address of record based on the tag number. Also, DC DMV mails the Notice of Unsatisfied Photo Enforcement Ticket, and it contains specific information on how to contest the ticket by submitting a request for adjudication. DC DMV only contacts customers via email if they have registered for DC DMV’s email ticket alert system. Then, they will receive an email notifying them to log into their account when there is a ticket update.

Customers who receive this email notice should report it to the Federal Trade Commission, which has detailed information for consumers on how to handle phishing scams.


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