All you need to know about the new phishing scam targeting iPhone users

Apple has become the victim of a new phishing scam. Users are receiving a text informing their Apple ID has expired and that they need to go to a particular website to get a new one. This is a bait as Apple IDs don’t expire and the website being mentioned to generate the new one is fake.

Scammers include a link in the message that looks like an original website browser page. These take place only via emails and not text messages. They retrieve the original passwords of iPhone users and before we realise it, our account is hacked exposing all critical data.

The text message was first spotted by The Independent, and has been described in screenshots on Twitter.

“As a general rule, never send credit card information, account passwords, or extensive personal information in an email unless you verify that the recipient is who they claim to be,” says the company’s official support page.
(Image credits: pixabay)



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