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Thank you for the taking the time to review this project and sending to me your quote. The project budget is set at a maximum of $2,500 and I’d really like to get this work done by January 1st, 2017.

Please submit your quote to  Thank you!

Project Summary

Our mission is dedicated to raising awareness about phishing threats.  Another aspect of our business is the hopes of providing our clients with software so that they can do self-assessments of their exposure to phishing emails by creating internal mock phishing campaigns.  GoPhish, an open source program written by Jordan Wright is along the lines of what we want to offer to clients, however, it need some features in order to provide a better experience for users.  The program was written in PHP,Javascript, and the GoogleGo language.

I’ve listed the requirement below. If you feel that GoPhish is not the way to go and you would prefer to create the app entirely from scratch, please let me know as well.

Request #1 Scheduling Feature

Current Environment

Once a user creates and saves a campaign, the campaign immediately begins sending emails out the specified email addresses; there isn’t the ability to schedule the campaign to run on a future date and time.

Enhancement Request

On the same page that users create their campaign, add the ability to schedule the campaign on a future day and time. A recurring campaign feature would be good. Additionally, the user needs to be able to view all scheduled campaigns and cancel/edit them if they need—either in bulk or one at a time.

Request #2 Domain Lockdown

Current Environment

Users can send emails to any domain; this poses a security and liability risk.

Enhancement Request

Give me the ability to set what domain(s) they can send emails to.

Request #3 Template Management

Current Environment

New customers currently have to create their own email templates to use in campaigns. Customers will expect for us to provide them with templates while still having the ability to create their own.

Enhancement Request

Give me the ability to create email templates that all users can use and show to the user on their templates page which templates are the newest.

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